What is Recovery Coaching?

If you have ever been part of a sport you will know and understand the impressive impact that a good coach has on your performance and success. Recovery coaching is strength based support focusing on individuals who are in recovery or seeking recovery from drugs and alcohol, mental health, food addictions, gambling, sex and love or any other addictive behaviours. A Recovery coach is a person who has a continuing professional relationship with individuals who are in recovery, together they focus on goals that are important, not just recovery related goals in order to create extraordinary results in all areas of the client’s lives. The coach through the process of reflection assists the client gain clarity and make decisions on what steps will shift them to where they want to be. Unlike therapy recovery coaching is focused on the present and the future, what can the client do today that will move them forward towards fulfilling their potential and living their dreams. Recovery coaching is utilised as a form of post-treatment support for clients and their friends and family providing accountability, encouragement and behaviour modification tools enhancing the client’s wellbeing and overall piece of mind. As your coach I will assist you in identifying your strengths and areas you can work on that affect both your recovery and your life, thereby impacting your decisions powerfully with encouragement, structure, accountability and focus. I provide ongoing regular support via Skype, WhatsApp, phone and in-person meetings. 


Recovery Coaching in London - Who do I work with?

My aim is to empower and encourage you to achieve your goals through collaboration, support, goal setting and action, with a side order of fun eg. recovery, work, education, relationships etc. 



Recovery Coaching - London

As a recovery coach I provide 1:1 assistance to those who are in recovery or seeking from substance and/or process addictions. I work with individuals at all stages of recovery, if you have left residential treatment, if you are in an outpatient/day program, if you are living at home or have relapsed recently. I also work with individuals who do not have time for formal treatment and need the assistance of a recovery coach. My main goal is to support you, we work as a team developing natural routines and networks in your everyday community, building your resilience to overcome personal barriers, allowing you to live substance free amongst the stresses and strains of your everyday life. Being in recovery can be challenging, however it is the most amazing and rewarding ride you will ever take, it is possible!


Long-term Recovery Coaching - London

As well as assisting those in early recovery, I also offer a service to those of you who are in long term recovery. Have you become disillusioned by life? Have you had challenging setbacks and lost that your spirit/energy? Together we can explore what has stopped you from living, how to get back to that person you used to be, regain your confidence and find that new life which awaits you just over the horizon.


     I have worked with clients who have successfully

1)    Re-entered back into the work place

2)    Enrolled and completed education courses

3)    Built up resilience and solutions to addiction triggers

4)    Mended old relationships with family and friends

5)    Developed better coping strategies in dealing with everyday life

6)    Built up recovery communities and resources



 Master of Science in Addiction Psychology and Counselling (Lsbu)

       Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Unisa)

       Bachelor of commerce (Unisa)

       The Three Principles Foundation Course (The Insight Space)

       Diploma in Exercise Science (HFPA)

       Diploma in Life Coaching (Achievement Specialists)



Accredited Practitioner - International Authority for professional Coaching and Mentoring (IAPC&M)

Member of the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals (MFDAP)



 Please get in touch and let me know how we can give you the life that you deserve!


'All that we are is a result of what we have thought: it is founded on our thoughts and made up of our thoughts.' - Buddha