Mental Health Coaching - London

Is your mental health impacting negatively on your life?

Are you not able to take part in certain activities because you get overwhelmed by the feeling of dread?

Does everything feel too much and you have given up hope that you will achieve what you want to achieve with your life?


In the UK mental health affects a 6th of the population which is about 10 million people. Many people with mental health challenges suffer in silence as they are to scared or ashamed to ask for help.  When your mental health is poor it has a domino affect on every other aspect of your life whether its work, friends, health, studies, socialising etc. When you are like this getting out of bed can seem like a task to far and impossible to complete. You might have a tendency to isolate as you feel this is ‘your’ problem and you don’t want to burden any one else with your stuff.


We can collaborate in managing your mental health and together we can work towards accomplishing the goals that you have for yourself. You don’t have to do this by yourself, there is a way out that leads to the life that you want and deserve!


I have worked with clients who have successfully

1) Built up resilience and found solutions to their mental health challenges

2) Developed better coping strategies in dealing with everyday life

3) Built up their communities and resources

4) Completed their education courses

5) Successfully built up their self-esteem




'Everything you want is on the other side of fear' – Jack Canfield