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What is PSYCH-K ® ?

Often the subconscious is like a mine-field of limiting beliefs and old outdated “programs” that are no longer worthy of who you are, or who you are becoming. These limiting subconscious beliefs affect all aspects of your life including; your relationships, self-esteem, financial prosperity, career choices, even your health and fitness. PSYCH-K helps you clear a safe path through those “roadblocks” to a new place of expanded potential in every area of your life.


We are in the process of a monumental shift in human consciousness, of which we are all playing a part, consciously and subconsciously. The bad news is that the problems we face are formidable. The good news is that solutions are available. And, the best news is that we are the solution! That is, if we can evolve our consciousness to a new level of thinking. As Albert Einstein said, we can’t solve a problem from the level of thinking that created it.

Research shows that PSYCH-K creates a Whole-Brain State, which in turn acts as a kind of “gateway to higher consciousness,” elevating thinking capacity to new levels of functionality and creativity. It is this higher state of consciousness that is needed in order to help solve the problems we face, personally and globally.

When you change yourself, you change the world!

Rob Williams, Originator of PSYCH-


PSYCH-K® is:

  • a non-invasive, interactive process of change with a proven record of success for over 25 years!
  • a simple, yet powerful process to change subconscious beliefs that are self-limiting and self-sabotaging
  • a unique blend of various tools for change, some contemporary and some ancient, derived from contemporary neuroscience research, as well as ancient mind/body wisdom
  • a ground breaking approach to facilitating change at the subconscious level where at least 95% of our consciousness operates.
  • a process that transcends the standard methods of visualization, affirmations, will power, and positive thinking especially effective in the areas of behavioural/habit change, wellness and stress reduction


Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What is PSYCH-K®?

Answer: PSYCH-K® is a unique and direct way to change subconscious beliefs that perpetuate old habits of thinking and behaving that you would like to change. It is a simple process that helps you communicate with your subconscious mind so you can change beliefs that limit your self-esteem, relationships, job performance, and even your physical health, and much more! PSYCH-K® is popularly characterized as a spiritual process with psychological benefits. While “psych” is often used as an abbreviation for “psychology,” in our case it is used as a variant spelling of the word psyche, meaning “mind,” “soul,” or “spirit.” Thus the overall goal of PSYCH-K® is to help you free your mind from beliefs that limit your recognition of yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience.


Question: How can PSYCH-K® help me?

Answer: Your subconscious beliefs establish the limits of what you can achieve. If your life feels like a car being driven with one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the brake, chances are you have a conflict between your conscious goals and your subconscious beliefs. This kind of conflict can show up in your relationships, job performance, self- esteem, athletics, weight loss, prosperity, even your physical health. If you are facing challenges in any of these areas, you should contact a PSYCH-K® facilitator.


Question: Can PSYCH-K® help me at work?

Answer: Yes! You can reduce stress, improve sales performance, enhance your leadership ability, increase your job satisfaction, and more.


Question: What is a PSYCH-K® Balance?

Answer: A PSYCH-K® Balance is a process designed to create balanced communication with both hemispheres of the cerebral cortex. This “Whole-Brain State” is ideal for reprogramming the subconscious mind with new self-enhancing beliefs that support your goals rather than blocking them!


Question: How does PSYCH-K® differ from other ‘Self-Help’ modalities?

Answer: PSYCH-K® differs from other modalities in a variety of ways. While all change processes have value, there are important differences among them that make a difference. It is laborious, frustrating and inefficient to try to change the subconscious mind with the conscious mind. Unlike other modalities, PSYCH-K® enables you to reprogram your subconscious in quantum time so that your subconscious mind is running programs that are for your highest good.


Question: How does PSYCH-K® work?

Answer: PSYCH-K® is a unique process evolving from years of brain research and hundreds of sessions with individuals and groups. It creates a receptive, “Whole-Brain State” that dramatically reduces resistance to change in the subconscious mind. The subconscious can be accessed in a way analogous to a personal computer. PSYCH-K® works as a kind of ‘mental keyboard’ — a user-friendly method of communicating with the subconscious mind through kinesiology that is simple, direct, and verifiable. Jeffrey L. Fannin, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Cognitive Enhancement Mapping ( has done brain mapping during PSYCH-K® balances to show the brain changing into a Whole-Brain State during a PSYCH-K® balance.


Question: How did PSYCH-K® come to be?

Answer: PSYCH-K® was originated in 1988 by Robert M. Williams, M.A. It was a response to the frustration that came with the

realization that typical counseling techniques, which rely almost exclusively on “insight” and “motivation,” seldom creating

real or lasting changes and are most likely reinforcing the unwanted neural patterns. Rob has spent more than 25 years

developing and improving PSYCH-K®. His backgrounds in both business and psychotherapy create a results-orientated approach to personal change. PSYCH-K® was inspired by a variety of processes, some contemporary and some ancient. It deals with the part of the mind called the subconscious, which is capable of creating dramatic and lasting changes, quickly and easily. 


 Question: Why haven’t I heard of PSYCH-K® before?

Answer: Until 1997, Rob was the only person teaching PSYCH-K®. Now there’s a growing number of PSYCH-K® facilitators and 

instructors all over the world. PSYCH-K® has been growing in popularity for over 25 years! It’s not the latest fad in personal

development that is usually untested and unproven. Instead, it’s a proven method for personal growth that has a strong spiritual component, not often found in others systems. It's a unique and efficient approach to subconscious belief change that is now being

recognised as a breakthrough in personal growth and spiritual evolution.