Student Mentor - London and International

Is a loved ones mental health negatively impacting on their studies?

Are you overwhelmed by the academic work you have missed and now everything seems impossible to complete?

Is your bedroom the only solace that you have and most days the outside world seems to scary to contemplate?


Mental health has an impact on every part of your life, especially your studies. You might have started the academic year full of promise and adventure. You were extremely motivated and committed to completing your studies. However some where along the way your mental health hit an invisible block. You become depressed, anxious, overwhelmed and start to isolate from your family, peers and any support you might have. Your bedroom becomes your best friend. As much as you try, you feel unable to shake this off and you feel stuck in quicksand, unable to move or ask for help.


I know it sounds like a cliché but you don’t have to deal with your mental health by yourself. Together we can identify your blocks and ways and means to overcome these. I understand it might seem impossible, however there is a solution to what has been keeping you stuck. There is always hope and a way out!


I have worked with students who have successfully

1) Completed their education courses and advanced to postgraduate studies

2) Successfully entered into the work place

3) Built up resilience and found solutions to their mental health triggers

4) Developed better coping strategies in dealing with everyday life

5) Built up communities, resources and support


      'I Learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it! 

                 - Nelson Mandela