Sober Companion - London and International

Are you or a loved one to busy to attend treatment?

Are you or a loved one feeling apprehensive about going home after treatment?

Have you been to treatment before and relapsed quickly after getting home?

You now have this freedom, but what do you do out in your community?


As a sober companion I offer you 24/7 support. I can accompany you home and assist you with building up your resilience out in the ‘real world’. We will schedule regular coaching or therapy sessions where we will explore what is going on  for you and how we can collaboratively find workable solutions. Recovery from addiction is a wonderful gift. However it can be formidable, especially at the beginning of your journey. Being out in the community will bring a number of challenges in itself, feeling a bit lost and disconnected, not to sure what to do and dealing with triggers on a daily basis. Together we can build up your personal and community resources so that what ever happens you can deal with it in an appropriate, positive manner and move forward in your recovery and your life. You don’t have to do this on your own! 


Who do I work with?

Individuals who have left treatment and need support at home and in their community.

People who are to busy (executives, professionals, musicians, professional sports persons, students) to attend formal treatment. I bring the treatment to the comfort of your home. 

Individuals who are contemplating going into treatment.

People who need support while attending functions, events or on holiday.

Those who have relapsed and are wanting to build up their resilience and get their life back on track. 


'As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears' - Rumi